Launching Derail: What You Can Expect

Welcome to the Derail Blog. I am so stoked that you are here. It shows that you either care about responsible web design as much as I do and want to learn more or find community... or that you know me personally and are just here out of curiosity or support.

Either way, I really appreciate it. Derail is going to need all the support it can get from ambassadors like you to spread the word about what we do. We need way more people, startups and big companies alike to learn about the significant flaws of the Internet; but just as importantly that there are methods and tools out there already that allow us to address those flaws effectively; we just need to put them to use.

Here's a breakdown of the kind of stories you can expect on this blog:

1. Knowledge Sharing

Our mission is to rebuild the Internet on a responsible foundation, but we know we cannot do it alone. So regularly, we will be sharing selected strategies that we use ourselves with our clients to build low impact, mindful and inclusive websites and applications. We hope they will inspire and enable you to join us on our journey towards a better Internet.

2. Reflections on the industry, events or news

Occasionally we will post about significant news in the green tech field and their potential implications for us all and the way we operate.

3. Company updates

Finally, there will be occasional updates relating to the team, our progression as a company, or our philosophy and values; postcards from our every day.

Thank you for reading. Please share this if you know someone who you think would be interested in our work and have them reach out.

— Morten

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