We help businesses, small to large, redesign their website or app in a responsible way. From talks to knowledge and methodology sharing to guidance, we are here to help you transition.

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Digital Products

Let us build or rebuild your website to be responsible by design. We handle the whole product design and development process for you so you can focus on your core business.

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Want to gain an in-depth understanding into how your website or app is doing when it comes to carbon footprint, privacy and inclusivity? Have us audit it.

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What do you mean with “responsible”?

To us, being responsible means building or operating websites or apps that put people and the planet first and profits second. That means lowering their impact on the climate, designing them to be humane, mindful and respectful of people's privacy and finally being inclusive and accessible to everyone, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, and so forth.

How do you make a digital product responsible then?

There's so many ways to achieve this. Here's some examples:

  • By minimising your files, you can save a lot of data transfer when your product is being used. This translates to less energy consumption, resulting in a lower carbon footprint.
  • For your analytics needs, choose to go with a provider that does not collect personally identifiable information. By doing so, your visitors identity is protected while you still get basic metrics such as bounce rate and referrals.
  • For inclusivity, you can for instance always provide captions for your videos and alt text for your images. That way, people with visual impairments might also engage with and understand the rich media elements on your pages.
These are just a few examples of strategies to achieve responsible designs.

What are the benefits of being responsible?

There are plenty! Not only do you treat people and our planet how it is supposed to be treated, there are also significant business upsides to having a responsible digital product. Consider this:

Can we hire you for only part of the process?

Yes! And if you decide to work with us again, we might even give you a discount! Send us an email to learn more:

How much can I lower my product’s impact?

It depends on the current climate impact of your product, but in our experience, many clients will see reductions of between 50-80% by either implementing our recommended strategies or letting us do it for them. However, even a slight reduction in a product that has a high volume of visitors will have a significant impact on the carbon footprint of your company.